Our Vision

Consider a glass of clean water.

On a hot day, it’s cool and revitalizing. On cold days you can make a really mean cuppa. Restaurants serve complimentary glasses and even leave some water out for our four-legged friends. When you’re stressed or tired, post-run or waking up in some wee hour, it’s easy to grab. Seems as if water is at nearer reach than a breath.
A glass of water is a testimony for the local ecosystem: water availability, treatment and management; academy, technology and knowledge exchange; social structure, business and partnerships; past and future. It is also a concentrated image of the current global climate change rate, which has been consistently deteriorating.
Different places will present different glasses of water in size and quality. In numerous countries, the glass will be empty or inconsumable. Filling it up with the help of accurate and scalable business models and a network of brilliant brains is a challenge – but that’s what we do: we turn challenges into resources, and into glasses of clean water.

It’s time to shift, and we are the pivot.

Global Water Problems


0 Billion
people globally do not have access to clean, safe drinking water.
0 Million
people die each year from scarce and contaminated water sources.
3- 0 Hours
spent by millions of women and children each day collecting water from distant and polluted sources.
1/ 0
Of the world’s hospital beds, at any given time, are occupied by patients suffering from diseases associated with lack of access to clean water.
children die of water related diseases each day. It is time to end the water crisis.

Join The Quest

We believe knowledge is power and connection is action. We invite you to take part and join us in our quest to provide drinking water. For any inquiries and further information about our activity click here

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