Guatemala & Honduras

The Caribbean coastal areas around the border of Guatemala and Honduras, and especially Omoa bay, are suffering from a dramatic pollution crisis. It is one of the world’s worst solid waste hotspots; hundreds of thousands of tons of plastic waste flow downstream through rivers from illegal, unregulated landfills and other sources, mainly due to poor waste and wastewater management.

The Water Pact Forum offers solutions to several aspects of the crisis, beginning with raising awareness of waste disposal prevention, then collecting and properly treating the waste and the wastewater. This prevents the discharge of waste and wastewater to the river. We then aim to explore means to collect the existing plastic waste from the river and the Caribbean Sea. Alongside these practical measures, we will promote local educational programs to raise awareness to the importance of environmental recovery action and long-term prevention of pollution. Strategically, we will allocate resources to actions such as research and development of new technologies.

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