CITIZENSHIP YOUTH PROGRAM – LAUDATO SI The Citizenship Program is a Scholas Occurrentes initiative. It is Scholas’ foundational experience. During six days, between two hundred and four hundred young people from different schools within a community, get together to select two problems or issues that affect them in their day to day living.  After selecting […]

Chaco, Argentina

Chaco province is in a remote and underprivileged area in northern Argentina. About 100,000 people live there in poor agricultural villages with polluted water sources and poor sanitary conditions.

Arequipa, Peru

Natural water in the Arequipa region is contaminated with arsenic, which is poisonous to people, animals, and plants. The arsenic penetrates the plants and causes secondary risk to those who eat them. The Water Pact Forum seeks to resolve this issue. Our mission is to purify the drinking and agricultural water in the province.

Guatemala & Honduras The Plastic Island Crisis

The Caribbean coastal areas around the border of Guatemala and Honduras, and especially Omoa bay, are suffering from a dramatic pollution crisis. It is one of the world’s worst solid waste hotspots.

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