SANTO DOMINGO.- UNAPEC University held the Second International Working Group "Diagnosis and solutions for the water sector in the Dominican Republic" with Israel as the guest country.

In this event, representatives of 9 Israeli companies offered their answers to the water problems in the Dominican Republic.

Israel ‘s Ambassador Daniel Biran : “Due to its geographical location, the State of Israel has faced many problems of water scarcity. However, he found solutions to solve them. Problems that are not exclusive to Israel, but are present in many other nations. Also, more and more countries are facing water scarcity due to climate change.”

Israel’s ambassador mentioned that his country has successfully addressed water problems, and is able and willing to partner with other countries to help solve them.

“Israel offers various technologies for different situations, and many Israeli companies are willing to work hand in hand with the Dominican Republic and provide solutions to the country’s water problems. The options are diverse, mobile and fixed, machines for individuals, large and small companies”. Bern pointed out.

The rector of APEC University, Franklyn Holguín Haché , indicated that APEC University not only presents solution alternatives with French, Israeli, North American, Spanish and other companies from other parts of the world, but will also proceed to propose the implementation of the Pact, specific projects , recommended directly to those responsible for the Project and international companies that can provide low-cost solutions to the different needs of the country in the water sector”.

The activity took place in person and through the virtual environment from the José María Bonetti Burgos Culture APEC room on the main campus of Unapec and with the presence of distinguished guests: Dr. Franklyn Holguín Haché, rector of Unapec; the Honorable Lic. Miguel Ceara Hatton, Minister of Economy, Planning and Development; Licdo. Rafael Toribio, President of the Economic and Social Council; His Excellency, Mr. Urs Schnider, Ambassador of Switzerland to the Dominican Republic; His Excellency, Dr. Andrés L. Mateo, Dominican ambassador to UNESCO; HE Ernesto Torres Pereyra, Ambassador of the Dominican Republic in Israel; HE Daniel Biran-Bayor, Ambassador of Israel in the Dominican Republic; Ygdal Ach, president of YA Maof and Ing. Gilberto Reynoso, director of the RD Water Cabinet.

From Israel, Rami Aflalo, CEO, GAL waters Technologies; Mr. Eli Cohen, CEO, Ayala water & Ecology; Michael Gordon, Director of Strategic Clients, WATERGEN; Meir Gabay, Director of Water Project Development, Demtech Technologies Solutions and David Cohen, Managing Director; Joseph Haim Harrosh, Director, Water Division; Keidar Grossman, Vice President EMEA and Yinon Friedlander, Solution Engineering Manager Amiad Water Systems; and Dr. Diego Berger, Coordinator of International Projects, MEKOROT.

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